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Mercedes-Benz SLK Class

Where form follows function, and your heart.

One look and its power is loud and clear: a long hood with short overhangs, the visual dynamics of the SLK-Class will take your eyes all the way back. And one drive is enough to see that this roadster delivers what its design promises. Its long, contoured hood descends toward the nose while the wide, low bumper with large air inlets extends out to the sides of the vehicle, creating a broad, dynamic appearance. Side air vents mounted in the fender pay homage to the classic 300 SL roadster of the 1950s, while integrated tailpipes fit nicely below a clean rear diffuser. The SLK-Class meets the most discerning requirements and is crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

The world is yours when you control the sky.

Imagine controlling light and shadow. The SLK-Class with optional MAGIC SKY CONTROL1 turns fantasy into reality. One touch lets sunlight in through a transparent glass roof, or darkens it within seconds to provide a cool, transparent shade. MAGIC SKY CONTROL uses electric impulses to rearrange tiny crystals on a wafer-thin film sitting between two layers of the Panoramicvario-roof2, effectively blocking out the desired amount of incoming sunlight. Depending on the intensity of sun, virtually 100% of the light can be let in - or up to 75% can be blocked out - all at the touch of a button. Even when the roof is in its transparent state, the driver remains comfortable and protected from the summer heat. Unfortunately, the only thing the Panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL can't do is make the sun shine on a cloudy day.

Don't go with the flow. Make it go with you.

Whatever the weather condition, the SLK-Class has you covered. The innovative AIRGUIDE1 option shields the driver and passenger from wind, redirecting air turbulence around the cockpit while preventing a draft effect. Meanwhile, the AIRSCARF2 option provides warm airflow to the upper body and head, keeping the occupants nice and warm on those colder days and extending the open-top driving season well into late autumn.

Have a seat. You're about to be overwhelmed.

Step inside the SLK-Class and you'll know you've arrived. Luxurious and refined, the SLK-Class stays close to its roots. Open the door and gentle red ambient lighting greets you - a true sight to behold. Rich details - such as available Nappa leather upholstery1 - and beautiful trim selections with standard Aluminium2 and optional Dark Ash3 and Burl walnut wood3 finishes create a stylish and comfortable cabin that feels like it has been designed around you.

Let the performance begin.

A world of acoustic options is at your fingertips in the SLK-Class. The 500-watt harman/kardon® LOGIC7® surround sound system1 gives you unparalleled sound quality from every seat with 10 precisely placed speakers. SiriusXM is optional and includes a 6 month complimentary subscription2 featuring over120 channels of the best in audio entertainment. Get 100% commercial-free music from every genre, plus sports, news, talk and comedy - all with crystal- clear, coast-to-coast coverage.

The centre console of the SLK-Class features the latest-generation COMAND APS3 multimedia control and display system that combines audio, Bluetooth and a hard-drive based GPS navigation system - all of which can be controlled through the LINGUATRONIC voice operated control system. Plus, an intelligently designed Media interface4 supports more media devices than ever before, yet remains as user-friendly as always. Being entertained and well connected on your travels will never be a worry in the SLK-Class - though deciding what to do first might be.

The heart beats faster.

Fun at the wheel and environmental responsibility can live together in harmony with efficient engine technologies designed to impress, while reducing fuel consumption at the same time.

Increased adrenaline. Reduced emissions.

Performance meets fuel economy. Luxury meets responsibility. At Mercedes-Benz, we don't believe in compromise. Our BlueEFFICIENCY philosophy ensures that environmental responsibility plays a major role in all we do. We do this at all levels of vehicle development and production - and therefore take a comprehensive approach to all the potential factors relating to drive systems, lightweight construction, energy management and fuels. This all-round approach also includes aspects such as the total harmful emissions, choice of materials, development, production, use and servicing, right upto eventual vehicle recycling and disposal. The world's awareness is increasing as emissions, fuel consumption and fuel prices become topics that affect us all. For Mercedes-Benz it is both a corporate goal and an obligation to shape the future of mobility in a responsible and sustainable manner.

A power plant on 4 wheels.

The SLK 250 is powered by a 1.8 L I4 direct-injection turbo engine with 201 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque. With exceptional efficiency in fuel economy, the SLK 250 accelerates to 100km/h in just 6.6 seconds.

Powered by a 3.5 L direct injection V6 engine, the SLK 350 offers plenty of performance. A marvel of Mercedes-Benz engineering, its 302 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque will raise the speedometer from 0 - 100km/h in just5.6 seconds. When driving the SLK-Class, the only thing faster would be the beating of your heart.

Well geared for the road.

The SLK 250 and SLK 350 are equipped with the7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission1. This wide range of closely spaced gears gives the driver the ideal gear for virtually any driving situation, and makes for smoother cruising, more responsive acceleration and even improved fuel efficiency.

The SLK-Class engines combine comfort and fun at the wheel with sustainability.

Precision driver meets precision machine.

The precision of the SLK-Class is further sharpened by a number of sophisticated technologies with the standard Dynamic Handling Package1. A button marked'Sport' launches several systems into action. The Adaptive Damping System stiffens the suspension and affords the SLK-Class even more handling agility. The Direct-Steer system increases the weight of the steering and reduces the number of turns from lock to lock - ensuring razor-sharp handling on tight bends and improved straight-line stability at high speeds. Finally, the Torque Vectoring Brake system significantly reduces understeer, ensuring precise cornering and outstanding driving dynamics. All told, the SLK-Class Dynamic Handling Package brings you closer to the road than ever.

What comes between you and the road.

The SLK-Class wheels were designed with the same philosophy as the rest of this inspired vehicle. Style, substance and safety are the cornerstones of Mercedes-Benz, and none of these attributes were spared while developing these impressive wheels.

Safety always comes standard.

Mercedes-Benz always pursues a vision of accident-free driving. Numerous measures can support the driver in critical situations, helping to prevent dangerous situations.


With the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) the ADAPTIVE BRAKE system helps drivers master critical braking manoeuvres.1 By wiping moisture away while driving in wet conditions, this technology allows the brakesto react with more accuracy. Also, ADAPTIVE BRAKE prevents unintentional roll back when starting on an incline. Pressing the brake a second time activates the HOLD function, keeping the vehicle securely in place.


DISTRONIC PLUS is a radar-based proximity cruise control system which accelerates and decelerates the SLK-Class autonomously to maintain a pre-set distance from vehicles ahead - ideal for stop-and-go traffic. Should the vehicle ahead slow to a standstill, DISTRONIC PLUS will bring the vehicle to a complete stop. With a simple tap of the accelerator pedal, DISTRONIC PLUS will once more resume the driver's pre-set speed.

Leveraging DISTRONIC PLUS, PRE-SAFE® Brake is a sophisticated active safety system capable of preventing rear-end collisions. This anticipatory system uses the DISTRONIC PLUS radar technology to continuously monitor the space in front of the vehicle. If it determines that a collision is possible, and the driver is not taking steps to slow the vehicle and avoid the accident, PRE-SAFE® Brake will firstly warn the driver visibly and audibly. If the driver has still not reacted, PRE-SAFE® Brake will trigger partial braking to slow the vehicle down. Finally, if PRE-SAFE® Brake determines that a collision is imminent, it will then engage full braking to mitigate damage - acting as a virtual crumple zone. If the driver does react to these warnings, however, the SLK-Class' advanced BRAKE ASSIST PLUS system will boost brake pressure to ensure maximum braking power is available to stop the vehicle and avoid an accident.


Since 1992, airbags have been a standard safety feature on all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. The SLK-Class continues this tradition with an impressive total of eight standard-fit airbags - two front airbags which are deployed in two stages depending on the severity of the accident, two side airbags in the seat backrests, two head airbags positioned in the door panels and two knee airbags, providing substantial protection shoulda collision occur3. Working in conjunction with the seatbelts, the airbags can significantly reduce the risk of injury to the driver and passenger in the event of a collision.

Active Bi-Xenon headlamps provide drivers with optimum visibility in all driving conditions.

DISTRONIC PLUS with proximity control supports drivers by automatically keeping their vehicle at a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Head airbags reduce the risk of injury by providing additional support in the event of a collision.

Converts gasoline to adrenaline.

The SLK 55 AMG is the most powerful SLK of all time. Resting beneath the aggressive hood and athletic design is an AMG 5.5 L naturally aspirated V8 engine with cylinder shut-off which combines the ultimate in performance with the lowest possible fuel consumption. A peak engine output of 415 horsepower and maximum 398 lb-ft of torque mean the SLK 55 AMG outperforms all of its direct competitors.

The innovative AMG Cylinder Management system combines powerful eight-cylinder performance with the economical fuel consumption of a four-cylinder by switching off 4 cylinders under partial load. Also, the ECO Stop/Start function automatically turnsoff the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop for more than 2 seconds - turning it on againonce the gas pedal is pressed.

Fuel becomes pure adrenaline thanks to the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G -TRONIC transmission - accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. It's no mystery why the SLK 55 AMG presents a quantum leap in all areas of design, engineering, and driving pleasure.

The SLK 55 AMG commands attention with an athletic and powerful rear end featuring dual twin exhaust pipes.

18" AMG 5-spoke wheels are featured standard on the SLK 55 AMG.

5.5 L naturally aspirated V8 engine provides ample power for high performance driving.

Individuality at its most alluring.

Transform your SLK-Class into a bespoke masterpiece with exceptional finishing touches by designo. The designo program offers you a myriad of personalization options to make your new vehicle truly unique, creating a character as distinguished as your own.

The designo range also includes a selection of additional features that complement your Mercedes-Benz. A variety of model-specific options are available, including DINAMICA and full leather headliners and wood/leather steering wheels - the possibilities are endless.

The SLK 350 interior in designo Platinum White Nappa Leather.

SLK 350 in a designo MAGNO Cashmere White Matte finish.

The finishing touches.

Added nuances and unique refinements are just what will make your SLK-Class a distinctively richer automobile. Mercedes-Benz accessories are a cut above, having been designed and built to the highest standards for concept, engineering, quality, form and function.

Shallow Trunk Tray

Made from impact-resistant, non-split polyethylene, this odourless tray prevents loads from sliding around and protects the carpet from spills and dirt.

18" Twin-spoke Alloy Wheels

Distinct 5 twin-spoke palladium silver wheels with an easy to clean, high-sheen paint finish add an extra edge to your vehicle.

Chrome Hood Grille Inserts

Simple and quick to install, these visual upgrades add sportiness while completing the Chrome accent of the SLK- Class.

Rear Trunk Spoiler

Tailored to the contours of the SLK- Class, the athletic spoiler design reduces lift, thereby significantly reinforcing the vehicle's aerodynamics.

A passion for things done right.

A passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail - it's what you'd expect from Mercedes-Benz, setting us apart from all other manufacturers. It drives us to set new standards in design, performance, comfort and safety. To continually build on the legendary traditions of Mercedes-Benz, and to provide you with an ownership experience that includes the valuable benefits described below.

24-hour Roadside Assistance.

During the basic warranty coverage of 48 months and the time duration of the optional Extended Limited Warranty, Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance will be at your service. We'll bring you some gas, replace a flat tire with your spare, or jumpstart your car. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, if attempts by our Roadside Assistance technician have not made your vehicle safely operable,towing service will be provided to the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, every day, to anyone driving a Mercedes-Benz anywhere in Canada or the continental U.S.1

Wear and tear period.

The following parts listed are covered for wear and tear during the first 24 months or 40,000 km, whichever comes first. Brake pads, brake discs, brake pad wear sensors and light bulbs.

Mercedes-Benz warranties.

The Mercedes-Benz New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship for 48 months or 80,000 km, whichever comes first. To widen your window of confidence, you can opt for a Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty as well.

Customer service.

Owning a Mercedes-Benz means that when you have a question, we're here to help. Customer Service is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, and is staffed with knowledgeable Mercedes-Benz experts who can talk you through the finer points of working your car's audio system - or even assist you in locating the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Just call 1-800-387-0100. It's that simple.


Mercedes-Benz Langley

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